Responding to Professional Misconduct

I am excited to announce that the FaithTrust Institute has released a new resource. Responding to Spiritual Leader Misconduct (updated edition) lays out the basic principles of analysis of misconduct in a spiritual or religious community: who, what, when, and where. It offers the principles for trauma-informed responses to complaints and the conceptual framework to navigate the process of response. Best of all, this resource is free to download!

This resource includes my essay, “Community Healing after Spiritual Leader Misconduct.”

Responding to Spiritual Leader Misconduct: A Handbook, edited by Lauren D. Sawyer, Emily Cohen, and Annie Mesaros, 181–86. Seattle, WA: FaithTrust Institute, 2022.

The handbook (PDF, 204 pgs) is free and available to download Responding to Spiritual Leader Misconduct. A printed copy can be purchased at